For this project, I was tasked with creating a typeface using the Glyphs program. I digitized my own handwriting because I wanted to create a typeface that was a bit more personal and uniquely attached to me, but also because I wanted to create a natural and organic feeling handwritten typeface. 
Choosing a handwritten typeface was a way to go against the norms of type design and could be seen as a counter or contrast to the surgically precise straight edges and lines we see in most typography. 
I wanted this typeface to be ordinary, it's not designed to stand out, it was designed to blend in, and be something we wouldn't notice in everyday situations. So with that in mind, I named the typeface Ubiquity, emphasising the plainness and ordinary characteristics of the typeface.
Ubiquity type stands out by not standing out. In a world that has become increasingly digital, Ubiquity is my love letter to the days of handwriting.

First I wrote out the letters and symbols on a piece of paper and scanned them into my computer

Once digitized, I imported them into Glyphs and started working on kerning.

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