OVERVIEW:  Taiao Eco Store was a rebranding project for an already existing retail shop, which was part of, and shared the name of the parent ecological charity organisation.  
PROBLEM:  While discussing initial requirements with the clients, I noticed the whispers of anti-consumerism, an example being the word "shop" or "store" making them uncomfortable.  It was almost like they were afraid of their shop, which in turn meant they weren't generating as much revenue as they could to fund their charity projects.  
So, the problem that I wanted to solve on this project was to bring the branding into a more modern and up to date setting and make it more friendly and approachable to help promote a younger target audience. I also wanted to find a way to create a more balanced outlook on the shop as a pathway for more good rather than a consumerist machine. 
SOLUTION: The solution I came up with for both of these problems was to create a complete disconnect from the parent brand, this would help them think of the two spaces as separate entities so the shop isn't such a reflection on the charity, which would hopefully make them feel freer to operate the retail store. 
The colours used were minimal but purposeful to create a more visually modern contrast and pop.  The colours used are based on colour psychology and match the values of the charity organisation. To draw in the younger target audiences and help promote more website interactivity, the brand had to be something memorable, topical and more importantly, shareable.  
I created aspects of this logo design that could be split off and shared separately but synonymously on platforms such as social media, therefore increasing the reach of the store and helping create momentum among a younger generation of consumers. 
After consulting with a local kaumatua (chief), I chose the word  Taiao because it draws its meaning from words such as "natural world, environment and nature". I wanted something to promote the local culture in New Zealand, but also to create parity with the organisations' main pillar values and ideals surrounding the Treaty of Waitangi. 
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